C L Gupta World School(Affiliated to Central Board for Secondary Education, New Delhi. Affiliation No. 2131231)

Why C L Gupta World School

Why C L Gupta World School

Why a World School?

Karl Marx may have been wrong in his forecast about the Capitalist World but his theory of Dialectical Process is an all time hit. The last decade has seen the world changing like never before. We may like it or not but we are a closer Global community today. Happenings in remotest parts of the world affect us in numerous ways. Technology enables us to employ people living in distant continents. BPO, KPO and facebook have revolutionized our lives. Schools have also undergone a sea change during this period. Moradabad has the distinction of being a leading center for exports for over a century now. The city is a perfect example of export led growth and development. However the children of Moradabad cannot forever bask in past glory. If they want to compete with their counterparts world over, in qualitative and quantitative terms, they must get a strong educational foundation. Hence the philanthropist group 'C.L. Gupta Exports' decided to give to the children of Moradabad a world class school. We present before you, a pioneer endeavor in schooling – CLGWS – The C.L.Gupta World School. The infrastructure has set such high standards that students who spend 14 years of their life here, would be propelled to demand and maintain the same standards of comfort, efficiency, health, hygiene and cleanliness at workplace and at home. The teacher-student ratio of 1:10 is the best in India with only 20-25 students per class. The emphasis is on differential teaching, catering to distinct learning stryles in a class and doing away completely with the need for any outside coaching.

Every school tackles TWO central problems – What to teach i.e. what knowledge and skills to develop, and How to teach i.e. the pedogogy. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. At CLGWS we follow CBSE curriculum from K-12 as base and build on to deliver IGCSE offered by Cambridge International Examination as the final output. This answers WHAT TO TEACH More important is HOW TO TEACH. This is what determines whether we are producing lifelong learners or not. The differential teaching strategies based on multiple intelligence are followed in the school to take care of the diverse learning styles of students in a class. The learning experiences in school must inculcate that every failure is a stepping stone towards success and that every success is an added responsibility to maintain the standards achieved. Experience says that only a happy child is ready to receive knowledge and imbibe skills. CLGWS provides the widest possible range of extra and co-curricular activities pertaining to the diverse interests of its students. We at CLGWS have created a school created a school calendar that caters to developing IQ(Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient) and AQ(Adversity Quotient). Our students learn to lead themselves and others.

We invite the parent community in Moradabad and its vicinity, to join hands with us in discovering the latent talent in their child and nurturing it.


School Address:
C L Gupta World School, Ram Ganga Vihar, Phase-II
Moradabad – 244001. (U.P.)

Phone No. : 0591-2477900
Fax: 0591-2477922
Visiting Hours: 9:30 am To 11:30 am
Location: Close to the banks of river Ramganga, the School is 6km from the Moradabad Railway Station.

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