C L Gupta World School(Affiliated to Central Board for Secondary Education, New Delhi. Affiliation No. 2131231)

Examination Procedure

Examination Procedure

Continuous Cumulative Evaluation is strictly followed. Students take four formative tests and two summative Examinations during an academic year. A number of cross curriculum activities are organized to test the best potential.

Formative Assessment
The four formative tests are conducted as per CBSE norms. These are strategically interspersed with regular classes. Students are prepared for these tests with the help of mock tests, skill based oral and listening tests, practical tests and tests incorporating field activity. Weightage of marks is added for II summative assessment marks.

Summative Assessment
Two summative assessment based on defined content areas are conducted as written examinations.

System of Grading

The School has also introduced Grading System. Marks are converted into grades before disclosing to the students. The differences in achievement level diffused releasing the worry factor.


Remedial lessons are prepared after identifying learners’ difficulty areas. Such lessons are suited to the individual difficulty level/ requirements. A term-wise records of the remedials are maintained in the School. Subject teachers maintain checklists.

Support post evaluation

Post test, scripts are reviewed by each student independently and their queries solved by the subject teachers.


The school Prep hour is a teacher supervised class - Students are helped by subject teachers to study and do their homework which is a practice for students to  complete their assignment in school so that they devote sufficient time for self studies at home. Necessary guidance is provided in the School individually as per student's need.

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