C L Gupta World School(Affiliated to Central Board for Secondary Education, New Delhi. Affiliation No. 2131231)

School Philosophy

School Philosophy


For minds to blossom, for mental faculties to develop and art and sciences to flourish, the first perquisite is a salubrious, serene and a sequestered setting. A long felt need in the region was of an institution to impart knowledge and education to its vicinity.

It was the pioneers of this institution who look the responsibility of this nascent educational edifice in this city. the task was Hercules. But with faith in their heart, they began planning and building this institution.

The institution was inaugurated under the epitome of C L Gupta World School. The endeavors of our pioneers were coming true. The long cherished dream of giving an educational paradigm to the city was being fulfilled.

With every passing year the school grew leaps and bounds. Overcoming all obstacles, it relived many peripatetic parents for their quest for an ideal institution.

The school amalgamates and imbibes the scientific western international system of education in its curricula. Affiliated to CBSE Board, it makes the students eligible for admission into any Indian or Foreign University.

The school emblem is a globe, denoting university in our education system. Here the acquisition of knowledge dispels darkness of ignorance and parochial thinking. The motto of our school “Excelsior” inspires every student to surge ahead towards perfection. The aims and objectives of this institution are to bring up its pupils-spiritually oriented, socially concerned, nationally conscious, appreciative of our culture and tradition, emotionally balanced and physically fit. To inculcate in them a sense of values and foster in them social awareness.

Today we have marched to excellence and attained crowning glory and conspicuous success with the dedication and hard work of the team of C L Gupta World School. Today we remain grateful to this temple of learning.

It is matter of great honour and elation for all CLGians as we complete the eight glorious year of functioning. How happy the ALMUNI must be from within to see this tree growing full bloom, bearing fruits.


CLGWS aims at preparing Global Leaders with characters. The school will promote a curricular programme which will encourage development of initiative, responsibility and decision-making in students and develop their skills in critical thinking and problem solving, honing their abilities to work independently and co-operatively, as well as channelizing their creative abilities and communication skills. It will offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum to take care of the intellectual development of the students with specific emphasis on preparation for future academic study in India or abroad.

Mission The education program will be student centered and all students  encouraged to develop their innate potential to the fullest.
The school shall be suited to develop high-level thinking skills and occupationally relevant knowledge and competence.

We will provide a liberal and diverse environment for students that nurtures creativity and helps them realise their full potential.

It will be the school’s responsibility to expose students:
•    To the rich cultural heritage of India.
•    To the excitement of her freedom struggle.
•    To the depth and beauty of her history.
•    To language and literature.
•    To the history of the world, its cultural wealth.
•    To the other great civilizations of the past.
•    Their languages, philosophy, music and art.
•    To the Cyber niche
•    And to the vibrant culture and technological crucible that is the modern world today.

The school will be truly secular in nature, with no emphasis  on any one religion but an exposure to and respect for all religions. It will strive to develop amongst its students:

An understanding and respect for the rights and responsibilities involved in being a member of society. An understanding of the ecological responsibility, being citizens of an endangered world. A humane climate will be created in the school to promote students’ self esteem, support individual creativity and encourage constructive group interaction. The school will offer a full day program of activities, with a judicious mix of academic, sporting and co-curricular activities, in order to provide a truly broad and comprehensive all round-education.

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